May 18, 2011


And just when I thought I would succumb to the yellow temptation... Red always has a way of sneaking in to my life. Or rather I let it. Coz I love it. I'm living my words out: RED RIDING DUDE. 5 days to wait.

I suppose I am happier buying this before buying a motorcycle. Motors are so lethargy-inducing. Let me ride singing, with the winds, to the beats of my heart :). Poetic, no? ;)

May 15, 2011

Burly got yellow


And just when I thought it is getting boring, it got yellow! Yes, the red riding dude likes yellow! ;) This color was long long awaited by many enthusiasts I suppose. Undoubtedly, the best looking 150 in the country.

May 8, 2011

The way I think about buying motorcycles

I am not gonna write an essay here. But I'll give you an idea. :) As mentioned in my last post, I am contemplating buying one of the following:

FZ16 (I can buy immediately), or
Classic 500! :D (perhaps in a couple of months I might be able to make the provisions), or
Bandit! :D :D (Yes, the 1250cc Bandit! God knows when I would be able to manage that kind of spare monies. Perhaps in about an year's time...)

The fear in waiting is that petrol would become so prohibitive that the one wouldn't feel like buying a Bandit at all. It would rob you instead! ;)

What a Royal surprise!

I've been contemplating buying a bike off late.

A few days back I visited the Royal Enfield showroom at Ambawadi, Ahmedabad. Wasn't as interested in the test-ride as I was in knowing the price of Bullet Electra. So after a brief 5 minutes at the showroom, I was on my way.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, I got a call from Rakesh - I suppose he handles (or may be owns, I am not sure) that showroom. He asked me what I was thinking. Hearing my answer, he simply said, "I giving you a 500 for a day. Ride it for a day and then think. I am sending my guy with the bike at around 6."

And I had a Classic 500 for a day. I went for a ride to Gandhinagar in the evening. 55kms. Dad rode it too to the factory in the morning. 40kms. All combined we did a little more than 100kms before I returned the bike to the showroom.

I must say a lot has improved. Clutching. Gear-shifting. Starting, etc. And the one important (perhaps the most important thing) has stayed the same. The THUMP. And  the throbbing feeling you get riding a Bullet is just the same. I had a Machismo 350 (AVL engine) earlier and I sense 'this thump' is closer to the original than the one I remember of my Machismo.

As disappointed as I was with my experience at Royal Enfield showroom at Bandra Mumbai, this one thrilled me. And the gesture of offering me the bike for a day was oh so 'royal'. Policies are the same for every showroom; how the prospect feels depends on the man present at the moment of truth.

I might just buy a Classic 500 now!