May 22, 2012

Vespa test-ride review

I just test-rode the recently launched Piaggio Vespa. And this is a short review.

First things first, the scooter is top notch in quality, fit and finish. If someone's wondering what the hell are they charging 77k (on-road price in Ahmedabad) for, this is one of the reasons. And it does feel like it will serve the rider for many years faithfully without hurting the eye and without losing the luster.

The pick-up is awesome. So sprightly. Yes, the 125cc capacity is well utilized. The meter responds to the rider's whims on the accelerator. It's just 114kgs in weight and yet feels real solid.

Lovely colors. Must make every morning a riding pleasure. Very cool extra accessories which do justice to the design. Just the one on the front mud-guard isn't so appropriate.

Here's a limiting point of this two wheeler. It's not tiny but it's what you call 'not-sufficient' for two well-built adults. I am talking of people like me. Height around 5'10" and with average build. No, it doesn't lack in power. It will merrily take the two of you around without a fuss but the over-all size of the scooter is such. Though the seating is comfortable, it doesn't let the body stretch. Perhaps that's the story of every scooter. And of course, I am so habituated with motorcycles...

If you've got the money and scooter's what you need, Vespa will be money very well spent.

Yes, you'll forget Activas and Dios and Accesses and Duros. Promise.