Oct 31, 2010

ST7 for the Red Riding Dude

Displacement is 678.2cc precisely. And the price - as I read on bikeadvice.in - would be anywhere around 4.5 to 5 lacs. Not bad, yeah? Can't say whether I can afford to own one like this quite yet. It has far greater chances of making me a Red Riding Dude. ;)

My eyes are still set on this one.

It is closer (in terms of price, styling, power, madness, neatness, etc.) to what I've been thinking of for quite some time now. How far are the test-rides? When do the bookings begin?

Oct 29, 2010

Plastic Poopers

That's the name I've given to the mass bikes getting launched in this country. As the name suggests these mass bikes are made to look really smashing with plastic jobs. But if it comes to any semblance of grace and performance they would fall like pins in a trashcan.

Mini Triumph Bonneville in India

After watching a slew of launches from so many motorcycle manufacturers present in India, I realize this is what I really really want. Forget the tech-specs; I want a bike with this kind of style in India. Surely, there's Bullet Classic but even that doesn't cut in front such a beauty as Triumph Bonneville.

Mahindra Mojo is a great attempt at styling a simple yet radical bike.

Its reputation will only grow once it hits the road I believe. However, my earnest desire is to see a mini Triumph Bonneville 300cc or 350cc specifically for India. So that at least I can buy :).

One will trumpet arguments against my desire (like practicalities and volumes and blah blah), but that's what Mahindra has done; gone against all current norms to announce Mojo. Given a totally new twist to motorcycling in India. Whether the flow will drift in their direction is yet to be seen but I am sure there will be many takers.