Oct 29, 2010

Mini Triumph Bonneville in India

After watching a slew of launches from so many motorcycle manufacturers present in India, I realize this is what I really really want. Forget the tech-specs; I want a bike with this kind of style in India. Surely, there's Bullet Classic but even that doesn't cut in front such a beauty as Triumph Bonneville.

Mahindra Mojo is a great attempt at styling a simple yet radical bike.

Its reputation will only grow once it hits the road I believe. However, my earnest desire is to see a mini Triumph Bonneville 300cc or 350cc specifically for India. So that at least I can buy :).

One will trumpet arguments against my desire (like practicalities and volumes and blah blah), but that's what Mahindra has done; gone against all current norms to announce Mojo. Given a totally new twist to motorcycling in India. Whether the flow will drift in their direction is yet to be seen but I am sure there will be many takers.


Payeng said...

Looks like you have a thing for retro styled bikes.. You can always look at getting a Royal Enfield Classic

Siddharth Soni said...

@ Payeng,

Oh no, I have a thing for solidity, minimal fluff, neat lines, relaxed posture and a Zen aesthetic :). Retro or modern is not the distinction.

mews said...

Honda CB223s is the answer.