Sep 22, 2011

Yamaha R15 v2.0 vs Honda CBR250

Happened to visit Yamaha showroom today. Was eager to check the new R15. Remarkable is what I can. The fit and finish of the bike reeks of quality from the tiniest nut to the big sporty fairing.

Ever since the launch, lot of enthusiasts pointed out the thin rear tyre. Now, it's really becoming. The width now is 130mm. For a comparison, the width of an FZ16 rear tyre is 140mm. That's how wide the rear-tyre of the new R15 is.

The styling is top-notch. When I say this, I can tell you that all pictures circulating on the web do not do justice. You have to see it in person.

I also happened to visit a Honda showroom couple of days back. Here are some pics of the CBR250.

To my mind, without a doubt, R15 beats CBR250 in matters of styling and build-quality. A lot of enthusiasts have also felt that.

Now, if thinking of buying a affordable new sporty bike, which one of the two should one opt for? I've ridden R15 on quite a few occasions. Haven't yet tested the CBR250. Surely, power makes a difference in our riding experience. I, for one, prefer to cruise at a safe speed instead of shooting off the block as if the earth is crumbling behind me. Even if I buy a CBR250, I wouldn't ride it like mad. R15 gave me a lot of happiness. Choice would be mighty tough. CBR250 might just about win.

Sep 9, 2011

First bits on Bajaj Boxer 150cc

Impressive! Yes, I haven't gone nuts. I like what I see. Had I not bought my FZ16, would've seriously considered this one. Neat lines. Stripped, almost. Classic curvy fairing with the head-light. 150cc for 42k. Nice!

I would do two things though. Change the silencer to a straighter one, preferably in chrome. Also remove the carrier at the rear.

One more thing. I might change the handle-bar to a flatter one.
Great buy, this. Wanna test-ride one soon.