Apr 28, 2007

Bajaj Avenger 200 and more

Just read in The Hindu that Bajaj is launching Avenger 200 in the month of June. It's a welcome news. However, it not the only thing that Bajaj could do.

I've often wondered why Avenger is only available in some standard colours and fitments? Why is it being sold as any other bike? Avenger is considered a cruiser and therefore, as most other cruiser bikes, should lend itself to modifications. Though, unlike in the case of Bullets, it should not be left upon users to modify their Avengers. Bajaj should pro-actively offer options to customize/modify the Avenger. Am sure the biking fraternity in India would embrace the Avenger with more eagerness and catapult Bajaj into the superbike-maker of the country sooner.


Anonymous said...

I would agree to the things and facts u have shared on your blog . I simply dont like this bike because it looks like a bail gaadi to me its not a real cruiser if it cannot reach at least 100 kmph easily i would rather suggest thunderbird anyday better i have a second hand thunderbird 2003 model really runs like a thunderbird goes 120 with complete ease and has great milege of 35 on road 40 on highway or more

Anonymous said...

Its true that Bajaj Avenger is the only option as cruise in the biking segment. Thunderbird though it sounds high, I am not comfortable with its foot rest which really is not at all as cruise and makes it difficult for long distance journey as any other sleek bikes.
I hope Rahul and his Avenger Team takes this positive comments made by friends and give a lil bit of broader options.
What really ruins Avenger as Cruise is, Single Cylinder engines, al least Avenger should come up with Double cylinder V-Type engines,one with 300 cc would really worth cruise.
Bikers like us would really want to see metal mudguards, broad based tubesless allooy wheeled option too.
Finally, Mr. Rahul Bajaj and the Team, Please remove the Dovetail like back panel, really makes Avenger look more like a feminine toy than a masculine cruise

Till the Bajaj comes out with all this options, however hard it is and however funny the engine placement and thin looking wheels may be, let me enjoy my Thunderbird.