May 15, 2008

In Rajasthan - On Pulsar 220

In Rajasthan - On Pulsar 220

26th April 08. Clicked just outside Basera, my native place in Rajasthan. As you see from my face (though I'm smiling) it was really hot out there. Late April. Touching 40-41 degree celcius.

While I reached there directly from Jaipur, my cousin (on my insistence) got his bike from Bhilwara. Quite brave to have driven the bike for 70 kms in the simmering afternoon.

We had planned to ride the P220 from Basera to Bhilwara (about 70 odd kms) in the evening on 27th Apr. However, we felt that a morning ride would be better suited - it would be cooler and therefore, much more comfortable. We set out for Bhilwara at 6:00 in the morning. Reached at 7:00am.

One hour of exhilarating drive. The roads in Rajasthan have never been better. P220 was amazing. By far the best ride I've had. I was wondering if P220 is such, how would the CBR and the R1 be! Or for that matter, even the Ninja 250!

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