Apr 26, 2011

Motorcycle industry suffering from imitancy

As avid a motorcycler as I am, it surprises me that I've been without a motorcycle for almost 2 years now. When I am out on the street I keep looking at motorcycles, pretty intently, as if one of them (the motorcycle models) will really really fascinate me and propel me to buy it.

But it doesn't happen. All the motorcycles more or less look the same. Similar lines, similar essence. The entire industry, especially in India, is suffering from imitancy.

A model has to make shit loads of money for the manufacturers. If there is a slight inkling that it will make a little less money then it won't be launched. At least that's what I gather from all the action happening in this space.

Companies making hundreds and thousands of crores of money aren't launching any niche products. As sales in lacs is the only success parameter for a model, aficionados are barely getting the stuff which would excite them.

No doubt, many enthusiasts revel in whatever is available and affordable and make the best of the situation. But the more I've come to appreciate the nuances of motorcycling, the more difficult it is for me to accept the current crop of motorcycles.

Yamaha is an exception. R15 and FZ-16 do break the mould. I might go for one of these if nothing appropriate (read Kawasaki W800, Yamaha RD350, etc. type bikes) launches in the near future.

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