Jun 17, 2011

Burly Red Beast

Couldn't resist motorcycling any more. While I liked the yellow one for sure, I couldn't move away from the red. And I booked one yesterday. Should get my hands on it tomorrow or, in any case, in a couple of days.

So the strange list of motorcycles I've owned and ridden now looks like this:
  1. Hero Honda Splendor (1996-1998)
  2. Yamaha RXG 135 (1998-2004)
  3. Bajaj Kawasaki Wind 125 (2004-2006)
  4. Royal Enfield Machismo (2006-2008)
  5. Bajaj Avenger 200 (2007-2009)
  6. Yamaha FZ16 (2011...)
And of course, I've experienced quite a few other bikes as well in all these years.

So yes, after a 2-year hiatus, am back to motorcycling. Why FZ16? Not that I am a very knowledgeable motorcyclist or a motorcycle tourist. Though I ride fast and have deft reflexes, never had an instinct or desire to race or stunt or turn sharply around corners. Whatever it is, for me when it comes to automobiles, nothing beats the simple pleasure of riding on two wheels. And while riding is the best experience, I can sense the refinement of a motorcycle simply on the basis of the engine sound and the way it looks. My feeling before and after riding the FZ stayed the same - it is the most-refined and most-exciting little motorcycle India has. That's why the choice.

I'll keep readers posted on my experience with the burly little red beast.

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