Nov 20, 2011

A test ride review of Boxer BM150

Day before in the evening, I checked out the Boxer BM150 in person.

Was pretty excited with anticipation. But no sooner did I see the handlebar and the speedo-console, my excitement vanished. The build quality as judged from the handlebar is rather pathetic; I'm aware it's meant for the rural terrain. There are two aspects to build quality: symmetry/balance and the feeling of sturdiness. I found both lacking.

Paint-job is rather dull. Splendor looks better any day and perhaps also feels better.

I went for a short-ride any way. The bike is sprightly in its pick-up and that's the only good part. The sound is nothing spectacular. Yes, the seat's fairly broad and comfortable. And there's accessory for carrying heavy stuff.

Not very different from any 100cc bike for rural folks. But I'm sure everyone, whether urban or rural or wherever, want a great build.

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