Apr 21, 2012

TVS Poopache! Oops, sorry Apache!

So TVS manages to do this. Words don't fail me right now but then to criticize also there must be some motivation, right? :)

Pulsar 200NS took the entire industry by surprise it seems. Of course, other brands would love to respond. More so, once the bike gets launched. But a response like this is hilarious. Beats Karizma ZMR hands down in the ugliness quotient.

Looks like TVS has nothing new right now to offer. And looks like they are just out of their slumber to realize that they are way too behind now to save themselves from sinking to the bottom. Definitely looks like every department at TVS is trying hard to show that they are really working hard.

Criticism apart, what should TVS have done? Technological battles - twin-spark and triple-spark and so on - aside, there are quite a few ways to counter the threats from other brands. If, as is apparent, design is what they want to defend with, they can't overload themselves with 'design'. Heavier the armor, greater the chances of slow reflexes.

If all other bike-makers are launching fairing-driven designs, there's a chance to reveal a cool without-fairing design. If they are launching aggressive-looking naked bikes, there's a chance to launch a classy-looking naked bike.

Who's bloody heading the TVS design and marketing departments? And where's the lost CEO?


Anonymous said...

worst lookin bike from tvs...was xpecting tvs velocity bt dey screwed it all...

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

well what can I say.. Clearly the guys responsible for design at TVS do not ride motorcycles as a passion