Jun 7, 2017

Pitching the Dominar 400

Front page ad for Bajaj's Dominar 400. Go hyperriding!

Recent reports suggest Dominar's not selling in numbers that Bajaj may have anticipated, expected and estimated. Royal Enfield's Classic just clocked sales of a whopping 60k+ motorcycles last month, May 2017.

Bajaj hasn't hidden its intention of taking some market share of this growing category and competing with Royal Enfield's motorcycles. That snow-clad-mountain visual in the background seems to suggest just that.

Am wondering what happened to 'Dominate The Night' which showed city-roads at night as the territory of Dominar! You see, if we take the message literally, it might even mean Dominar's good for riding in the city at night, some other bike may be better for day-time traffic riding. I may be over-interpreting. But then, may be not.

Dominar suddenly seems to have chucked the nights and city-roads for days and highways. That may not be an issue though. Whatever folks promoting Dominar say, buyers of the bike will ride when and where they like to or have to ride. The question is, does the categorizing and positioning and messaging by the marketing folks make it any easier for riders to choose Dominar 400 over RE's motorcycles? Are they making it difficult? If only it were easy for the agency folks to offer a glove like expression for the motorcycle that is Dominar 400. One that really trades punches with the Classic.

Look at the message again! Hyperriding? If ever there's been a motorcycle on Indian roads that can claim and rightfully boast 'Hyperriding' that's the KTM Duke, with the exception of Yamaha RD350 discontinued ages back. You read about Indian motorcycles on whichever forum or platform, and that's what you come to know.

I like the term 'Hyperriding'. KTM says 'Ready To Race' alright. But folks understand those terms to mean the same. One can go do the surveys and researches to validate this.

Dominar isn't 'Hyperriding'. Do they mean riding on high altitudes as 'Hyperriding'? Oh dear! Do they mean adventure riding at high speeds as 'Hyperriding'? My guess is as good as yours.

Some other comments... For me, that perimeter frame is an eye-sore-like design element. And those tail-lights give an impression it's a Pulsar. Over-all design reminds one overwhelmingly of Pulsar 200NS. Or rather, just makes it look like a bigger Pulsar. And all the PR for the 2 odd years that preceded the launch of Dominar, established it as a bigger Pulsar.

Now whenever I hear Mr Rajiv Bajaj speak, I like it. And so let this be a reminder. Sir, the perception building started way before the motorcycle was christened as Dominar. It's Pulsar!

But then what's Pulsar? Definitely male! Bajaj tried to tag it with India's No.1 Sports Bike. But then, after KTM, the Sports Bike thing doesn't stick to Pulsar.

Consider this.

Dominar 400! Definitely male!

Does that ring in the ears?

Let me think of other alternatives, since a lot of water has already passed by. I can't undo the flow. Let's say you really want to offer a great alternative to RE's motorcycles... RE's are known to be not-so-reliable in spite of the new platform. So, here you go.

Dominar 400. Hyper-reliable Highway Rider!


Dominar 400. Damn fast. Damn dependable!

Or something more courageous.

Dominar 400. Dad on the Highway!

When I reflect on pitching motorcycles for the highway, I am cautious since even RE's motorcycles are typically ridden in cities or at best just around cities. Highway riding is still leisure and still a very small number. Another try!

RE's are known to be slow and loud. So here you go.

Dominar 400. Not that loud, but real fast and real good!

Or something more direct.

Dominar 400. Fast. Not just phat-phat-phat.

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