May 5, 2007

In search of fountain pens in Mumbai

And we went dug-dug-dug on streets of Mahanagar Mumbai in search of our favourite fountain pens. Every time, I open the pen-cap to write, my new acquaintainces glance at me with a questioning look: 'What! You still write with an ink pen!' Oh yes, I do.

I rode some 100 kms on Bullet, 40 kms purely in search of fountain pens. So, after we finished our day's work, we headed south and reached fort area (near HSBC Bank) where, out of all the pen sellers and stationers, we made our way to a small shop called Manoj Pen Mart. And I saw some pens which I had never ever seen in life. We ended up buying 4 pens (we had gone with the intention of buying two) totalling Rs 2150.

So, if you are searching for some good fountain pens, Manoj's is the right place for you in Mumbai. It's just behind Dalal Street Building. If you want more details, do write in to me.


stoob said...

so true no...???

If you are stuck on the's hard to spell a word right with anything else...
I had this huge problem...but somehow grew out of it.

I guess am luckier ;)

SIddhartha said...

Hi Siddharth aside from our names we share a common passion: fountain pens! Will definitely try out Manoj. I have been going to Willam Penn (Inorbit, Malad), Shoppers Stop (another pens lovers ka lootera) and of course good old Alfa (salesmen desparate to ensure crowd reduction). Would appreciate tips on Pilot fountain pens .. I dig the slim variety.

Siddhartha Das