May 12, 2007

Kinetic's New Bikes & Scooters in India?

A few pictures of scooters that Kinetic promises to launch from mid-2007. I can't believe my eyes but I want to believe what their site displays. Kinetic apparently has tied up with Taiwan-based automobile giant SYM to launch some really cool two-wheelers in India.

Seeing Joy Max, I feel like selling my Bullet Machismo and get back to scootering. :) Hope these promises are kept.


Anonymous said...

isnt that cool? finally two wheelers in india are evolving. hopefully we can have world standard wheels soon.

Kinetic Sym Flyte said...

All of them looks wonderful.Kinetic has become a synonym of light scooters for women in India.Now it has launched some marvelous scooters like this all new Kinetic Sym Flyte which is made for both men and women.It looks cool and performs great.