Nov 2, 2010

Apache RTR Hyper Edge is blunt

When I heard and read about the launch of Apache RTR Hyper Edge and saw the pics, I was surprised. For very obvious reasons Hyper Edge needed to be something more. Not just in performance but also in design. Besides, this was a strange case of giving a 'hyperbolic' name (without the corresponding changes) after the product has met with a fair amount of success anyway.

I realized that Hyper Edge is a fitting name more for Pulsar than for Apache RTR. Especially from a design perspective. I've tried breaking apart the designs of both the bikes to show why Pulsar is the Hyper Edgy bike.

Focus on the yellow lines below. Apache RTR Hyper Edge. These are the dominant lines I see when I look at the bike.

Now look at Pulsar.

You'll notice that there are fewer dominant lines (at least in the way I see) in Pulsar as compared to Apache Hype Edge. Lines seem to converge in Pulsar. Lines are closely aligned. Against this, lines in Apache are far more distant. They don't seem to converge. Forget edginess, there's very little to call sharp.

Fewer lines cut sharper. More lines will of course make the edge thicker. You get the logic, right?

Design apart, I love the sound of an Apache machine. There, they've got it right. But I guess the sound isn't enough (as it is for a Royal Enfield) to make it a cult.


Payeng said...

In the end the Apache RTR has just borrowed the shape of the Pulsar in a more compact package.

dstreetglow said...

i don't know what really is there in pulsar..pulsar is not the only bike in the world...there are many awesome bikes that can beat pulsar in performance,style, maintenance and so

one among that is apache rtr series....

do you want to know the BBC ranking???
1)yamaha fz(before the entry of r15)
2)tvs apache rtr160
3)bajaj pulsar
4)hero honda hunk

if you have a pulsar then you may know about its maintenance.....!!

in the end, don't think that pulsar is the only bike