Nov 6, 2010

Royal Enfield Hollowbird

Thunderbird is a Hollowbird!

Now, some might see me as being too harsh in my criticism. Some might say, it isn't warranted in the first place. That's okay.

Classic seems to be a consummate product. I ask myself why can't other models be as good? Characters could be different, but coming from the same stable the aesthetic-level of all bikes must be equal.

Yamaha for once is a good example. The fit and finish and aesthetic-level of all bikes seem to be the same, other factors not considered. FZ16, Fazer, R15, SZ/SZ-X, YBR all exude the same level of detailing and aesthetics. In fact, I can add even the earlier models like Gladiator and Libero (do you remember that still?) :).


Payeng said...

Even from the styling point of view, the Thunderbird according to me is a confused motorcycle in terms of styling..

it is not a true blue American style cruiser nor is it an authentic British motorcycle

Chirag Saraswati said...

You're damn right it isn't american or "authentic" British.
It is what it is, and IT KICKS ASS ON THE ROAD. The most comfortable seat in the world, even for the pillion. If you're six feet tall and love all things classic, Sports bikes don't do shit for you. If you need raw untamed power that fucks with your heartbeat, then that's when you climb on the monster and pull the throttle.

Harikrishnan D said...

TBTS is a blend of old and new... The royalty of a Bullet and the appeal of a younger bike... And on ma TBTS when any signal turns green... I leave the karizmas and pulsars wayyyy behind...