Sep 25, 2014

A little review basis my test ride of Suzuki Gixxer

The sales guy (the one you see in the pic with a rotund tummy) sees my red FZ, greets me and tells me, "FZ bhool jaoge Sir aap!"

I take the Gixxer for a spin. I have one word for the Gixxer. Smooth.

Pick-up was good, stance felt very good, gear-changing super-smooth. Sound was alright. Gixxer felt just the right size and very nimble.

When I ride my FZ, people give it a look, even after so many years, and after so many FZ's on the road. Not one guy looked at the Gixxer. Having said that, the Gixxer is a good looker. Nicely designed tank with recesses and a very pleasantly different looking exhaust muffler. The design has the right proportions. I don't like the cowl on which 'Gixxer' is written.

White won't be fun though. Red is the color. Second-best, the grey that I saw on display.

Post the test ride, I picked my FZ again. FZ felt great. The FZ 2.0 should be pitched against this one and checked.

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