Mar 27, 2016

Yamaha Fascino, Unicorn 160, Benelli TNT 300 and Bajaj V

This happens to be the first post since Sep 2014. Even I am surprised. Apart from my hyper occupation with my venture, in spite of a string of motorcycle launches in the interim I just couldn't find the motivation to write about any motorcycle.

But even so, I did go to test-ride some of the new launches.

I went to Yamaha to test-ride Fascino. I was told I can only admire its looks, there was no scooter available for test-riding. So much for Yamaha's push to make a mark in the scooter market.

I test-rode the Honda Unicorn 160. Felt it has a good sweet engine but no looks whatsoever. Tyres felt rather thin and didn't seem to fit the proportions of the bike. Of course, my familiarity with the sight of my red FZ daily doesn't help me see any motorcycle with thin tyres favorably I suppose.

I also test-rode the Benellis. 250 and 300 both.

I first tried the 250. It felt good. Big and, of course, with quite a bit more power than my FZ. I was about to leave when the sales-guy at TNT offered me to test-ride the 300 as well. And 300 felt amazing. Super-smooth and such good sounding. So much better than the 250. But the price difference also turned out to be really big.

Both motorcycles however felt quite heavy for city riding. When I compare them to the Duke 200 and even the Duke 390, I don't think the Benellis are as nimble. The Duke 390 has that 6th gear which you just can't get into when riding in city conditions but very nimble I would say.

Why did I write this summary sort of post btw. I wrote it for V.

I ride in and around the city quite a bit. Amidst all the launches, this comes closest in terms of styling (though a little less on power) if the purpose is to enjoy city-rides. I have read this is a torquey bike. Just a couple of days back also checked the newspaper ad, so I suppose it's in the showrooms. Hopefully, a test-ride's available. I am gonna go and post my impressions soon.

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