Jul 7, 2008

R15 - A Motorcyclist's Muse

Yes another post on Yamaha R15. Can't help it. Capped off a wonderful Saturday with a visit to the Yamaha showroom in Vikhroli after watching Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

While I was aware of the Yamaha dealer in our vicinity, it never really occurred to me all this while that the showroom would have R15 on display. So when I saw the R15s from a distance while on my way to the cinema hall, I decided to visit the showroom when I would be on my way back.

To say that I was already in a good mood (because of the movie) which made my first-hand experience of R15 so cool would be an injustice. Even though I didn't get the test-ride, I could convince myself of the quality of this bike in every sense of the word. I switched on the ignition and revved the bike and rpm needle just swerved smoothly and quickly to the other end. The engine sounded so refined. And the bike felt rock-solid in spite of being so light. The stance without any doubt is sporty. The best part is that the size of the bike doesn't seem to overwhelm the rider; many people after reading a few reviews think that the bike is diminutive. In stead, the bike is just the right size to be sporty and at the same time give a feeling of total control to the rider. Don't you recall the same about RX100 and RXZ135?

Well, that in a nutshell was my experience. Would've liked a test-ride definitely. I'll buy it soon nonetheless.

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