Jul 4, 2008

New Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark 350cc

That's the new Thunderbird Royal Enfield has launched. If you had noticed the earlier one, you would be able to spot the differences. The makers claim that the engine is 'revolutionary'. They call it Unit Construction Engine. The engine is gonna keep all the pleasure of the earlier Bullets intact and add a little more in terms of better fuel efficiency, better maintenance, better working clutch (and therefore, lesser visits to the mechanic. In fact, that's the reason I sold my Machismo 350 in Dec last year). It also seems that bike is more powerful than the earlier 350cc Bullets.

My personal take is 'got for it'. This seems to be best bike launched by Royal Enfield for decades. Why? Simply because the new engine design has resolved many hopeless complications of the earlier engines which marred the Bullet experience. Purists would frown as they've always done with the launch of every new Bullet. But my sense is that this bike might win them over after all. Yes, the ones who want the vintage/retro Bullet feel can continue to rue the evolution; I'm happy.

It's neater too; observe the change they've made in the back-rest fitting for the pillion rider. They've made the silencer also a little safe for the riders; won't burn you anymore.

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